Meet The Team

Our team of passionate and fully trained auto electricians

The Team

Ken Headshot_edited.jpg

Ken Cox

Managing Director

Founded the business in 1972 and is still going strong to this day, his secret? Ten cups of coffee a day


Lee Noon

Technical Lead

He loves to work. In fact he has so many kids, he works for a break.


Ciaran Wall


The social media junkie, with an unmatched passion for cars


Mark Cox

Managing Director

He's small and ginger. has a background in technology & loves his charity work

Wendy Headshot_edited.jpg

Wendy Loftus-Martin


Our post-it note hero, who loves to talk.

Leon Headshot_edited.jpg

Leon Hallam


Football fanatic, if he designed cars they would all look like footballs

Deb Headshot.jpg

Debbie Cox

Finance & Administration 

She loves her dog mable more than her husband.

Aden Headshot_edited.jpg

Aden Poultney

Vintage & Prestige

Known as Mr Slow, you cant rush him, he does everything at a 1930's pace.


Jordan Cox

Online Development

Studies business and entrepreneurship and worships 

Sir Alan Sugar