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Classic & Vintage

Repair or rebuild service to all makes of unit, fitted to vintage and classic cars using specialist equipment in our modern, purpose built and secure workshop

Our Services

Wiring Services 

From an electrical wire repair service to a complete wiring loom replacement we're able to replace or upgrade your vehicles wiring using the latest British Standard PVC insulated cable, bound with a tape of your choice or a cotton braid to achieve the truly classic look.

Servicing & Health Checks

Offering a comprehensive health check and classic car inspection service to the vehicles electrics. It will ensure all the vehicles systems and

electrical components are working as intended before you head out onto the open road. 

No one wants to see their pride & joy broken down on the side of the road. We will make sure it wont.


Electrical System Upgrades

Specialising in electrical system upgrades, we give any classic increased resilience and safety, from upgrading car alarm and heating systems to re-manufacturing to

the vehicles original specifications achieving that truly original look just as it was intended all those years ago. 

Unit Remanufacture 

Bringing your DC component back to peak condition using original parts

from the likes of Bosch & Lucas.  

We are capable of remanufacturing any type of classic car electrical component, such as Starter Motors/Alternators  

Electric Window/Wiper/Heater Motor 

Dynamo’s/Regulators/Cut Outs/

Semaphore Indicators.

Bespoke Design

Whilst maintaining the original look and feel is paramount, we also understand that from time to time our clients need something different. We offer a full consultation, design and manufacture service to meet your needs.

Just tell us what you need, we will come up with the designs.


Vintage Alvis Silver Eagle
Vintage Tractor rewire
Vintage Bentley Charging Circuit
Complete Starter Motor recondition
Complete rewire and new wiring looms
Classic Ferrari electrical systems
Vintage Bentley Charging Circuit
Classic Alfa Romeo charging circuit
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