Classic and Vintage Unit Remanufacture

Since 1972 we have been one of the leading remanufacturer of classic and vintage units

Available to the Public for the first time

Remanufactured Classic and Vintage parts

Since the early 1970's we have been supplying remanufactured classic and vintage parts to some of the biggest retail suppliers worldwide with an unrivalled reputation for quality and the ability to remanufacture almost anything. 


As the years have passed new units have become difficult to obtain with supplier, after supplier, having to look towards specialists such as ourselves to remanufacture units on their behalf. 

Our ability to remanufacturer to original specification and almost near original quality is not something that can be picked up from reading a book, it is gained from years of understanding, developed techniques and an overwhelming passion towards a bygone era where automotive components were truly a thing of beauty.

Whereas previously we only offered this to 3rd party specialist suppliers, we have now taken the decision to offer this service directly to owner enthusiasts and clubs.  As a result not only does this allow for lower prices, it ensures we can maintain the levels of quality and passion realising that sometimes it takes time to recreate beauty. 

Just a small example of our remanufactured units 

Delco Remey 20SI Alternator

Delco Remey 20SI Alternator for both Bently & Rolls Royce Bently Azure - up to 2003, Continental R - T - SC, Corniche - Continental - from 1980, Mulsanne Eight - Brooklands - 1980 to 1998 Silver Spirit - Silver Spur Turbo R - RL - RT

RB310 Voltage Regulator

1961 Jaguar E Type Lucas RB310 Voltage Regulator

M418G 25514 Starter Motor Land Rover Series 1 1947-59

M418G 25514 Starter Motor - Land Rover Series1 (1947-59)

C45 Dynamo

Jaguar - C45 Dynamo

CWX/CW1 Wiper Motor

CWX Wiper Motor for Landrover Series 1

CW1 Wiper Motor

CW1 Wiper Motor for Morris Minor


Wiper Motor for ROVER 25