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Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Whilst very compact and fantastic in there capability to produce 230v - 50Hz from just 1100rpm, with peak output achieved at 3500rpm. These units are not without problem leaving many with a real headache as these units are often used to power everything from, hairdryers, electric ovens, kettles and washing machines. 


Given the cost of replacing a Electrolux Travel Power can be many thousands of pounds, why not have your unit restored to full working order through a process of meticulously testing and replacement of any failing component parts.

Over the past 6 years we have developed a reputation with many boat yards as being one of the only specialists capable of repairing these highly advanced devices, through our established chip suppliers we are able to repair both models GFA2302 (Black Box) GFA2307 (Silver Box) and provide a full 6 month warranty on all the work we have undertaken.


Alongside the Travel Pack itself we are also able to fully recondition Electrolux Type Generators at a fraction of the replacement cost. * (This is a full recondition of the unit, including stator, rotas, brushes and bearings.)

Electrolux Travel Power repair

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Servicing and Health Check (recommended every 24 months)

There is nothing worse than finding yourself without power just when you need it, so recognising that there are times when it's convenient for a just a couple of days we offer a full Service and Health Check of your Generator and Travel Power Unit. This includes a comprehensive load test of both units, continuity tests of all related wiring and a full strip down and check of both the travel power unit and the generator. 

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We have continually grown, to the point where we are now one of the leading providers of diagnostics and repair to the UK automotive industry.

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